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hotel closed for annual holidays from sunday november 20, 2022 to friday february 3, 2023 inclusive

Glann Ar Mor Hotel welcomes you in a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Glann Ar Mor Hotel is ideally located:

  • 150 m from the beach of Port-Lenn Port Navalo
  • 150 m from the coastal paths
  • 800 m of the ocean and the pier.
  • close to many restaurants
  • near the bus station.

Port-Navalo, excursions are frequent:

  • Islands of the Gulf of Morbihan (Ile d'Arz, Ile aux Moines)
  • the islands of the Atlantic Ocean (Islands Houat Hoëdic and Belle Ile en Mer)
  • Locmariaquer

Glann Ar Mor Hotel **
27 rue des Fontaines
Port Navalo
56640 Arzon

Hôtel** Glann Ar Mor - 27, rue des Fontaines - Port Navalo - 56640 Arzon - Tél: +33(0)2 97 53 88 30 - Email:
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